Olson’s Sheet Metal Works

Custom Steel  Of All Types Metals.

Sinks, Counters, Hoods, Railings, Planter Boxes are Just A Few Examples Of What We Have Done.

Furniture, Display Units, are Some of our Specialty’s

Olson’s Sheet Metal Works is Family owned and operated, established in 1928 by our grandfather, Clifford E. Olson, operated by his son Robert C Olson, and now run by Robert Dale Olson for the third generation, based in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Custom Made Brass Fire Place Surround Acid Treated For Color.  Custom Made Fire Place Burners With Safety valve.
Glass and Brass Hand Rail with Custom Made Shoe
Custom Made Stainless Steel Counter Top With Back Splash

We Can Make just about anything out of Metal

We do custom metal work out of all types of metal.  We work in Stainless Steel, Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum.

We can help you with all your metal needs

This is a Custom Hood and Fireplace
Custom Stainless Steel Hood, Fire Place Mantle, Stainless Steel Back Splash